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About Us

We are a platform for our next generation, artists, technocrats, education workers and public to discover and experience various wonders in their lives. Through promotion and development of art, technology, and education, we offer opportunities for them to achieve their dreams, and at the same time raising awareness among the public about the importance of art, technology and education, and how such will benefit Hong Kong society.





Our Team & Partners

Wonders Initiatives was established in 2022 by a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, social venturers, artists, and education workers, led by our Management Committee with Kelven, Sharon and Fredrick. We also work with various companies and organisations to achieve our mission.

Kelven Lit

Kelven Lit

Marketing Director
Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee

Creative Director
Fredrick Liu

Fredrick Liu

Artistic Director


From visits to seminars to workshops, every year we organise various events to achieve our mission. Below you may find some of our previous ones, upcoming events are featured too and welcome to join us.


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Contact Us

If you share our mission, we are delighted to have you to be part of us – from being a member, a donor, or even an event partner. We will respond to you shortly once we receive your enquiries. You could email us at, or reach us via the contact form below.